Saturday, May 23, 2015

Food Adventures: Freshii

So today I went to Freshii's in today with my sister for a quick lunch. Freshii's is one of those food cafes with a health focus as they were advertising their protein filled Kona Wrap when I went.

As the end of high school nears, I am also focusing on living a healthier life style by going to the gym and eating better foods for my body. (Mainly lowering my carb and increasing my protein intake.) And it has been working pretty well so far. My body has been feeling so much cleaner, but I have also been running out of different food options. So it was nice to venture out to the newly opened Freshii in my area.

The interior of the cafe-like place is refreshing and accurately reflects their health-conscious menu.
A cute take of the periodic table turned into a healthy food remake.

I really enjoyed the Mediterranean bowl with added falafel and green juice that I got. The green juice is slightly thicker than other juices I've had. But like most juices, the apple masks the kale and avacado minus a slightly bitter aftertaste, which is pretty standard for green juices that I've tried. The bowl itself was a mix of quinoa, greens, tomato, onion, olives (for some reason I always think olives are too salty, but maybe it's an acquired taste), and a red sauce that pulls everything together. Admittingly, the bowl was personally too big for me to finish, so I also ate it for dinner. (Yay! For saving some money on food for another meal.)

For anyone who is looking for a new healthy place to eat, I would highly recommend checking out this place from its clean-cut interior to it's delicious food options.

FTC: This post is not sponsored by Freshii and all opinions are mine :)

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