Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Overalls Sort of Day

I was so excited when overalls came back to style, but I could never find one that I like. When I saw these, I knew they were perfect from the slight distressed edges to the relaxed fit. Overalls are perfect for those days when you want to wear a little more than your typical shorts and t-shirt, but still have a sort of laid back look.
Overalls were perfect for a day out exploring with my dog Cocoa.
 She making her "sad" face at me when I tried to put her on the hammock.
 Came home and enjoyed a homemade mango smoothie to beat that LA heat.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fancy to Relaxed

My 'fancy' church outfit and jewelry:

I decided to paint some of the furniture in my room as a summer project and today I started with my bed-stand. I wore a more 'relaxed' outfit for the (oddly) humid day in SoCal.
 The finished product was a green to white ombray.

A quick homemade yogurt parfait is the perfect quick snack for such a hot day.

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